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Edmonton, Alberta



• Effectively manage time and appointments to run an efficient service center

• Work at an efficient pace

• Be very familiar with new and old products and how to repair them

• Assemble / Build bicycles, resulting in a safe bike ready to be sold

• Monitor shop inventory, tools, and parts to make sure there is enough of what is essential

• Maintain a clean work environment

• Support Technician in repairing bikes with booked appointments in a timely manner

• Develop and build relationships with customers

• Be able to work a flexible schedule



• Experience in the industry – more experience will be given priority.

• Strong knowledge and understanding of diagnosing mechanical issues and able to explain the problem to customers

• Ability to perform tune-ups, bearing overhauls, suspension services, wheel builds, drivetrain servicing and brake servicing

• Be able to manage time effectively to make sure bikes are given back to customers in a timely fashion

• Self-motivated.

• Willing to coach other staff members on service writing, willing to learn, and willing to assist other departments when needed. 

• Have pride in the work being done

• Strong communication skills to consult with customers

Please submit your resume below if you feel that you would be a strong candidate for this position and a great asset to our team.

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